Monday, May 3, 2010


We had a great weekend. We went up to Prescott to hang with the Porter extended family for Nanny's 80th birthday. I have never met Nanny before and alot of the extended family, so it was fun to meet the crew. We went up Friday night and spent the night at Brett's (Matt's cousin) rustic cabin. We are talking no electricity, light and stove on propane people! It was great. It was freezing. It was dirty. The pictures tell it all.

*** Disclaimer - yes, Makenzie is still in her pj's for the morning of playing outside. I thought she would fit the cabin! Truth - only one outfit for Saturday and it needed to stay clean for the party!
Lilly caught a baby lizzard!
Daxton just makes my day!
I think she saw a cheeto on the ground!!
"Wait daddy, I want to go!"
Priceless :)

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