Sunday, June 28, 2009

3 months old

We are so close to laughing, rolling over and sleeping soundly through the night. Makenzie is the sweetest, most cuddly, and definetely most smiley baby I have seen of had (ha- first baby)!! I just love the way she recognizes Matt and I. We just love this little girl.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blessing Day!

I have never felt so complete, or blessed in my life than I did today. Today, I watched as my sweet husband, 3 brothers, 5 brothers-in-law, 2 grandpas, and one great-grandpa (I hope I got everyone!), give my little peanut a name and a blessing. What a great sight to see as all these wonderful priesthood holders lay their hands on Makenzie. She was a star. She had her eyes closed through the whole prayer, only to open them as Matt was saying amen. We have taught her well :) What was even more special, was that Makenzie was blessed in the same dress I was blessed in 26 years ago and was made by my mother. I could not be more happy to have my family all drive up from Tucson to enjoy the blessing with us. Everyone was there!