Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Most Amazing Fiance Ever...

I know that I am being a little biased, but I truely believe I have the greatest fiance, soon to be husband, ever! He is so wonderful, treats me so good and is really the love of my life. For my birthday, he built me a mirror to put in our bedroom. A mirror is what I really wanted, and he spent I don't know how many hours at his parents house building it. It is awesome and looks fantastic in our bedroom.

Just a side note, he also built the bedframe that our matress is on. The goal is to have him build all our bedroom furniture, what a studly handyman!!

Guitar Hero!

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my mom bought a Wii and Guitar Hero 3. We took it over to my brother Chris's house and had a jam session. It was awesome to see my mom and dad play, and all my nephews and siblings. My two favorite people to watch: my nephew Parker, who is 2 1/2. He was dancing around and kicking his legs up in the air. It was so cute. I wish I had a picture of it. My other favorite person to watch was my dad. He was practicing with his fingers in the air, on an air guitar, while others were actually playing. An unfair advantage I think!! It was a lot of fun and the pictures of Matt and I are funny. We were not this competitive or crazy looking, but we had to pose for our fans!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Home Sweet Home!

This weekend was wonderful. Matt's, "our," house finally feels like home! We have finished painting the red kitchen, which took a long time, and it looks red! I love it! The pictures have been hung, the bed made and the decorations up. My parents drove up from Tucson to help move things in and get things situated. It was really nice of them. After moving, we went over to mom and dad Porter's house for some home cooked BBQ and watched in sorrow as the UofA tried to pull off a win against the devils. As a result of the loss, I spent my Sunday night making homemade oreos for my 3rd hour math class, serves me right for making a friendly wager with a bunch of 17 year-olds!

Friday, November 16, 2007


7 things about me that no one knows...I pretty much dish out everything to anyone who wants to listen! But, here it goes.

1. When I was in elementary school (6th grade) and junior high, I used to make brownie mix, put it in a tupperware container, stick it under my bed, and eat it whenever I had the craving. It never occurred to me that raw eggs might not be the most safe thing for me to consume.

2. As a young, really cute girl, I was enrolled in gymnastics. During a gymnastics meet I got a bloody nose, but loved gymnastics so much that I did not want to stop. I continued my meet holding my nose with my thumb and pointer finger! It is really funny to see the video my parents took of a little girl doing summersaults with a bloody nose.

3. Coming home from a visit to Tucson while attending BYU I sat next to Richard G. Scott on an airplane. Adam and Erin were on the flight with me. Adam told me he would pay me fifty dollars to switch him seats, so of course I did. I figured they would have more to talk about. So Adam and I switched seats and the first thing he said to Adam was, "why aren't you sitting next to your wife?" Haha! He still owes me fifty dollars.

4. One of my trips to Spain was especially memorable. I was volunteered to help a Spaniard do a magic trick on Las Ramblas street. He told me that he needed a good luck kiss, I said no. He then asked me to hold a toilet seat lid that he was going to squeeze through. After I took the seat lid, he laid one on me! Sneaky little greasy man!

5. I am absolutely terrified of spiders, I dislike them with every fiber in my body. I especially hate the spiders that seem to procreate on Mt. Lemon. When we would go to Mt. Lemon, and still do, I have to check under my bed, all around my bed, in the sheets, under the quilt hanging on the way to make sure all the critters are gone. My brothers used to scare me relentlessly.

6. I am OCD when it comes to locking things. I lock my car at least three times before I am sure it is locked, and then sometimes when I am sitting on the couch or at dinner I will wonder if I really did lock the door. I check all the doors, windows, closets and showers at least twice before I can go to sleep. Then usually while I am lying there I will have to get up and check the doors again. Sorry Matt, you are just going to have to love me anyways!

7. I am totally in love with a hot man from Mesa who I think the world of. He takes care of me, opens the car door, brings me diet pepsis, gives the greatest hugs, and loves all the weird things about having to lock the door and asking him about three times after he gets home if he is sure he locked all the windows. I am so lucky to have found someone like him and can't wait to spend forever and a day with him! But, shhhhh....don't tell him that!

Well, I am supposed to tag 7 people, I don't even know if I am cool enough and have 7 people left on my list who have not been tagged, so if you already have been are super special!

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Nothing Compares!!!

Nothing compares to going on an all day outing with your mom and twin brother! The madness, of course in a good way, all started early Monday morning at The Good Egg. Shopping is hard work and ones needs to start off with a nutritious breakfast. French toast, perfect!! We headed off to the Chandler Mall where bliss was about to begin. I am so lucky to have a wonderful mother who was willing to drive up the dreaded I-10 to spend the day with Garrett and I. Nordstrom's was no match for us. We had so much fun trying on clothes, shoes and looking around. After a few other stores, we realized we needed to rehydrate and fill our stomaches with fuel. Where else do you go when you are having a perfect day, none other than the Cafe Rio. Then, after a fantastic meal of pork salads, and meeting my sweet favorite soon-to-be, in 42 days, husband Matt, we went to Target. I love Target, for those of you who don't know. While walking around Target I must have said that phrase at least 20 times, I really do love Target. I have decided that if I had to spend the rest of my life in one store, it would be Target - hands down! I thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with my sweet mother and brother. I love hanging out with my family! Needless to say, Veteran's Day was full of fantastic shopping!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Weekend Away!

Just in case you all are counting along with me... 44 days!
Matt and I went to Show Low this weekend with the fam for Tater's birthday. It was so much fun. We left on Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday morning. As always, Show Low was full of sleep, food, riding bikes, food, sleep, diet coke, food, sleep and....FOOD!

On the road again! I think this is our favorite pose, we have just about a million pictures like this. Matt is so cute. We had fun on our drive up there. Lots of fun music, singing outloud and no pit stops to go to the bathroom - that must be a record!

Matt makes throwing me around look so easy, I promise it wasn't as easy as it looks! I must admit that my legs look good though!

After a few hours of playing Rumikub (did I spell that right?) and trying so hard to beat out 3 girls, Matt decided he would rather play with someone a little more like him! Matt and Brooks sleeping in the rocking chair was too precious a picture to pass up. Don't they both look so peaceful?

Needless to say, this was the perfect weekend to get away and not think of wedding invitations, decorations, or anything! Being able to go to Trever and Annie's is a blessing. They always take such good care of us, their children are so cute and fun to be around, and the food and diet coke is always excellent! Thanks for a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


A few weeks ago we went to a stake bbq in Tucson. It was so good. My dad cooked over 900 lbs. of pork and beef. He smokes it in a pit overnight. The meat melts in your mouth and is delicious. One of my favorite times of the year! Matt got introduced to the pit and was put to work. These are some of my favorite pictures of Matt and I yet!

The Transformation!

52 days by the way! We are getting close. Matt and I started painting what will be "our" house. It looks really good. We are painting the living room a subtle ivory, and a sage green. Then, we are painting the kitchen red and our bedroom a cocoa brown. The colors are accent walls, but they look good. We, and when I say we I mean Matt, are doing some dry wall and changing where the linen closet is located. We are moving it around the corner by the washer/dryer. I know that makes no sense to most of you, so I guess you will have to come visit and see for yourself! Matt decided he wanted to show off his manly strength and punched a hole in the wall to start the demolition. What a stud!

Monday, October 22, 2007

What A Cute Dress

I am trying to find a dress, skirt, some sort of clothing apparel that I can wear to Tucson from the temple. I wanted it to be chocolate brown, or ivory...this is one that I found. I like it. I am not sure how I feel about the ribbon around the waist, maybe I could add an ivory one instead. Anyways, now the countdown is at 67 days!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Countdown Is On!!!

I cannot believe how fast, slow, sometimes seems like a standstill, time is moving. Hopefully, the closer we get, the faster it will go. Plans are moving along beautifully. We have picked out the decorations, bought a wedding dress (YEAH!!!) and planned the important stuff: the honeymoon, the wedding night, etc! Being engaged is so much fun.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!

Love at first sight....

Our first date was on August 6, 2007 to the delectable Cafe Rio. Matt then came to my rescue, literally, on August 10, 2007 while I was racing back and forth from the bathroom to the couch! I knew it was love when Matt brought me Sprite, a chick flick and his manly hands to rub my back!! We got engaged on September 20, 2007 in front of the fountain and The Pointe. We are going to be married for forever and a day on December 28, 2007! There is no turning back!