Sunday, July 20, 2008

Finally caught up

Matt and I went camping this weekend with Garrett, Kathryn, Morgan, Lauren and TUG! We have wanted to get all of our camping gear, so that we could just get it and go. With Matt going to Scout camp, and me going to Girls camp we have finally purchased all of our camping equipment and have it all stored in a tote, or two or three! We have always wanted to take Tug too, so he made the trip. We threw his kennel on the top of the truck and off we went. We went up to Beark Canyon lake. It was awesome. We got there at about 8 pm on Friday. It was so busy there, most of the camping sites were full. We finally found a place, set up and were ready to party by 9. We made foil dinners and they were b-e-a-utiful. So good to the stomach. We also make peach cobbler, just like we did at Lake Powell.

Garrett and Kathryn didn't join us until about 1, but we are still glad they came. We finally got to test out our new tent that we got as a wedding gift from my Uncle Roger and Aunt Kathy. It worked great. It especially was nice when the pack of wolves decided they were hungry and were going to let everyone know it. They definetely made tug growl. Tug was so good the whole trip. We thought he was going to be everyone, in all the other campers sites, and just a bad dog. Besides peeing on almost everything Morgan and Lauren owned, and peeing on some random man's fishing bag, he was a saint. He will always make the trips from now on!

On Saturday morning, Morgan went fishing and we all went down to watch him. Morgan then dared Matt to swim across the lake, which no one was swimming in. Matt and Garrett jumped in and started the trek across the lake. About half way there, they seemed to be getting tired. You knew they were when they both went on their back and did the rest of the way doing the back stroke. It was really funny. By the time they got back, they both could barely breathe and were so cold from the water. At least we got a free tank of gas out of it - or half a tank. Way to take one for the team babe! It was a really fun trip, hopefully with more to come.

Our first night away :(

Matt went on Scout Camp two weeks ago. It was the first time we have been apart since we have been married. He got up early in the morning, said goodbye and walked out the door. I followed him to see him talking to our next door neighbor, who also was leaving for a priest camping trip. It was too hot for me to wait in the garage, so I came back inside to go to bed - thinking Matt would come in one last time to say bye. BUT, I heard his truck start and I ran outside just to see him turn the corner. I could not help myself, but burst into tears. I called him to tell him that he left without saying goodbye. He reminded me he had already said goodbye. Needless to say, I was being ridiculous. Matt came home though, and said goodbye once more! Sweet, sweet man!

It must be fun camping and playing whiffle ball (I don't know if that is how you spell it) with a bunch of deacons!

My favorite dessert!

This is my absolute favorite thing to make for dessert. It is a fruit trifle, not to be confused with the meat trifle on friends! It is so good, and somewhat healthy since it has lots of fresh fruit.

Lots and Lots to report...

Ok, so I know we have not blogged in a long time. Since I am on my summer vacation from teaching, I don't get on the computer that often. ALL my blogging so done at school. Interesting that all my blogs are while I am teaching. Anyways, here goes the month of July so far. We went down to Tucson for the fourth of July. It was really fun. We went up to our cabin on Mt. Lemon and watched the morning parade. The weather was wonderful. We watched fireworks with the family that night at the Tucson Country Club. We somehow managed our way onto the 9th hole (I think) fairway, which happened to be really close to the fireworks. I love going to see my family and always have such a good time when we do.

My goofy husband - got to love him!