Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial weekend was really fun, as usual. On Saturday night we went out to dinner with all of Matt's friends. I have never really hung out with them before, so it was really nice. They all have kids and are leading their own lives, so it gets hard to meet up. Well, Jason and Annie were in town, so we all met up at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. They need to come into town more often so we all can get together. I don't have a picture of the night, I will post it as soon as Annie posts it on her blog.

After dinner we headed up to ShowLow, our home away from home. It was FREEZING! There was snow on the ground and a nasty wind. Nonetheless, really fun. On Sunday, we played hooky from church and drove up to Greer. What a beautiful place. Our little drive turned into a photo shoot! It was fun. We stopped about 3-4 times and just walked around and enjoyed the beautiful, cold weather. A nice change from the valley. We then we back, had dinner with the Lewis's and off to bed. Not before one round of Rumikub though!

We left Monday mid morning to try and beat all the traffic - we did! Monday night we went over to the in-laws for a BBQ. Fun! There was a slip-n-slide for the kiddos and lots of food for everyone! You could have not asked for more perfect weather that evening!

All in all, another wonderful weekend being Mrs. Porter and being married to the love of my life!

Enjoy the funny pictures!!

I am so lucky to have this man in my life!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones = LAME!!!

Ok, I am not going to spoil the movie for anyone, but I was sooo disappointed in the new Indiana Jones movie. Probably not as disappointed as Matt though. We got tickets early, and went with Brett and Emily! It was going to be a great night. I should have known better. It all started off when I straightened my hair and then it started to rain! Crappy point #1. Then, as we ran into the movies, my jeans got soaked from the puddles. Crappy point #2. The movie, crappy point 3-10! Those of you who have or will see it will know what I mean. Anyways, it was a great night for Matt to wear his hot cowboy hat out again! I just love him in that hat!


Matt and I decided we needed a weekend away to have some fun together, like we don't already have enough fun! I always remember going to see Broadway plays as a child and even into my adult years. Cats came to Tucson, so Matt and I decided to buy tickets and go. We had great seats, at least I thought we had great seats! We drove down to T-Town last Friday night and met Chris and Aubry for dinner at Anthony's. Talk about a nice restaurant. This was the type of place where you always feel under dressed, not matter what you are wearing. We got there first, and I decided to go and freshen up in the ladies room. Most awesome bathroom ever! They had real, soft towels! We are talking throw in a washing machine and bleach towels! They were folded all nice and neat. They had a cute little basket for your tissues, not a trash can. The soap was an actual nice dispenser, probably imported from Italy or somewhere! Great experience to start the night! As I was walking back to my table, a man wearing a suit followed me. I felt like weaving in and out of the tables like on, "As Good As It Gets" to see if he would follow me. He followed me to the table and pushed my chair in. Then, we ordered. We ordered a Cesear salad to start off. A guy came with a cart and made the salad right there. I mean, he chopped up the anchovies, and made the dressing. It was great to watch him toss that salad like he had gone to special salad tossing school! Anyways, to make a long story longer - it was a very nice restaurant and the food was awesome. The play was great too! Matt enjoyed it, I hope! Great date with the bro and his beautiful wife!

PS... I hope I am not the only person in the world that has gotten the newly married 15 lbs diet going on! We are working on that! Ha!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Show Low

This past weekend, Matt and I, Matt's parents and grandma took a get-a-way to The Lewis Lounge. It was fantastic. We did what we usually do there, eat, take a long nap, play some fun games and hang out - great weekend!
It was Annie's birthday so we went out to eat on Friday night and saw their whole ward there, pratically anyways! We went and did a session at the Snowflake temple EARLY saturday morning. We are talking 7:00 session here people. Anyone who gets up at 5:30 am on a Saturday deserves some serious blessings! It was amazing and fun to be there. I have never been inside that temple and it is breathtaking, really!

We then went to Lowes and got some flowers to plant for Annie's bday tradition. I must admit that I did a great job with my whiskey barrel. After a two hour nap, I was ready to eat! I think the only times I moved from the couch Sat. afternoon was to get a thirstbuster from circle K or to eat!

Thanks Trever, Annie and cute boys for a wonderful weekend!
I have more pictures to post, but yet once again the work computer is being a little on the snooty side and won't let me. So...to be continued...