Friday, April 25, 2008

INDIANA MATT --- So hot right now!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Indiana Matt

There is no better way to spend a Spring Holiday, a Friday off from work, than to go to the Pima County Fair. I grew up going to the fair, walking around the exhibits, feeding the animals, riding the rides, and eating until we were full and then some. It's wonderful. Matt took the day off since I had the day off, and to Tucson we head. I got my hair done in the early afternoon, and then we met the family for a night of chaos. 3 strollers, 6 cars and about 22 people later, we were at the fair grounds. First stop, Piggly Wiggley's for some onion rings, a footlong corndog, a funnel cake and a fried twinkie! Sounds like a receipe for massive heartburn, right? That was only the beginning!! After we all ate, we stopped to see the white lion who was just sitting there, boring. Next stop, the Clydesdales. You know you are at the fair when the Clydesdales have their own area of the fair grounds to show off their massive bodies, massive feet and Budwiser aroma. After taking some pictures we were off to the barn, where we saw goats, sheet and babies. We also saw the act of making babies between two goats, don't they know people are watching. Good thing my nephews were drawn to the baby goats sucking on their fingers, they didn't notice the other "event" going on! Now, finally, we can go on some rides. Matt and I went on a ferris wheel, one that was way too high for my liking. Matt decided he wanted me to have a heart attack, so he was swaying the seat back and forth, I about lost my corndog! We got some ice cream on a stick and then were off to the big slide. I went down with Parker and Matt and Jared had a race, Matt won! Only because he took off before Jarred did - nice job sweetie! The event ended with a nice diet coke and watching Matt and Jarred go on a roller coaster. I love being with my family, and seeing all of our little families grow! I especially love going to the fair, seeing all the interesting people, eating all the food that the next day does undescribable things to your stomach, and coming home only to jump into the shower. Thanks for a great weekend mom and dad. We hope everyone else enjoyed their "Spring Holiday" as much as we did! Oh, by the way, Matt got a sweet cowboy hat - I think he looks sooo HOT in it! When my school computer isn't being dumb, I will post some more pictures of his new, way hot hat!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life is still moving on

It is funny how you'll sit and look at blogs for long periods of time, but will go weeks without updating your own. Life has been pretty much the same for Matt and I. We go to work, go to mutual and volleyball, work on trucks and go to sleep. That is about all we do, everyday. Not too interesting, I know. The weekends seem to be a little more exciting for us though. Conference weekend, Matt and I went down to Tucson to hang out with the fam and have a little time away. Matt and I went up to our cabin on Friday night and spent the night there, just the two of us. It was great. We then got up early, well Matt did and he biked down Mt. Lemon, just past Wendy point. It was great to see him enjoying himself and his bike! Last weekend, I went to the botanical gardens with my mother-in-law, LaReda, and three really cute nieces! We had a blast walking around, enjoying nature, and trying to get butterflies to land on us. I will post some pictures when I get them. Until then, here are some random pictures of Matt and I staring in, "The Days of Our lives!" I know, that was lame, but I still laughed to myself.