Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Family Picture

Have you ever felt that no matter the angle, you always have a double chin? Lauren and Morgan were gracious enough to drive out to Bulldog and take our family picture. We decided to take tug, since he is obviously part of the family. Hope you like the belly!

Time for Thanksgiving.

We had a great Thanksgiving, just like any other family had. We made it to both houses this year, Tucson and here in the Valley. Matt drove me to school at 6:30 AM on Wed morning to pick me up and head straight down to Tucson. I usually make the drive and I get motion sick very easily and Matt likes to enjoy the ride. After a detour of I-10 gone wrong, 3 huge accidents, at least 10 photo radar police vans, and about 50 "snowbird" drivers, we pulled into my families driveway just in time to see the pit being closed up.

FYI - my family smokes our turkeys every year in a pit underground that is dug out and lined with fire brick. You have never tasted anything so delicious than a hot turkey right out from the pit. This year my dad got off easy with only 34 turkeys, 70 lbs. of pork and a big pot of beans! We didn't even stay 24 hrs., but it was sure nice to see my family. You never realize how much you love your family until you are away from them.

After we opened the pit up and d-boned our turkey, thanks babe, we made the trek back up to the Valley just in time to eat with Matt's family. What a feast and great company.