Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"I walked today where Jesus walked..."

This was the theme of our primary activity day. It was awesome. We had the kids dress up as if they were in Jesus' time. We had four different stories.

The kids first walked in to a huge pop-up-tent. We had footsteps cut out all over the church building showing the way. The first place was to the Sermon on the Mount. Next stop the Temple. After that, Jesus among the Nephites. Then we all ended up near the water where Jesus fed the 5,000. We had rolls and sweedish fish for a snack.

We asked 4 members of our ward to act like they were there with Jesus. It was phenominal the way they each differently portrayed their parts using the scriptures. The spirit was so strong. I got teary eyed as we were opening singing the song, "I Know my Savoior Loves Me." The kids were asking questions and giving insight too. I think they really enjoyed it as much as I did.
Sermon on the Mount
The Temple
The Temple with visitors!
Jesus among the Nephites
34th Ward Primary
What a day and what an experience.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter T-Town Style

The Porter Crew had a great Easter weekend. No school on Friday, lots of shopping, spending saturday at Great Grandma's helping her clean up the house, and Sunday a trip down to Tucson and General Conference. Great! We woke up Sunday morning, packed up the Cruiser and took off. Makenzie handled the trip only because she got to watch Mama Mia the whole way down.

We spend the day at Chris and Aubry's house. All Wilkes' minus Adam and associates (hope you guys had a great Easter too). It all started off when my mom had my dad go through his tie collection - yep collection. He got a new tie rack that holds 64 ties. He picked his favorite 59, and was giving the rest away. I am not kidding you all, there were at least another 60 ties to choose from! I guess when you wear a tie 6 days a week, you need a lot to choose from! I love my dad.

Then, we played around outside in the gorgeous weather until we ate then had the Easter egg hunt. Not going to lie when I was a little sad that Makenzie wasn't more into it. She found her one egg with candy and just wanted to sit down and eat that candy. She is too cute.

I am ony lucky girl!!