Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh the places we go

We ventured up to Prescott this past weekend, well Saturday till early Sunday morning. Why you ask? Our little peanut decided she didn't want to sleep Saturday night, and was up at 5:15 am Sunday - so at 6:30 we decided to just come home.

Anyways, my parents cabin is so much fun. They are doing a bunch of construction, which is almost done. We went up to help them unpack some furniture and to get some things organized. The boys, meaning my dad, Matt and twinny (Garrett) did ALOT of moving and unpacking - so did my mom! What did I do - let's take a look:

I took crazy pictures with Makenzie -

I walked up the stairs about 15 times

My hands sweat -

I walked down the stairs about 15 times -

I watched Kenz play with Uncle Garrett

I watched Kenz climb up a side table -

And somehow made a new little friend, I think this picture is awesome!!

I promise in there while Kenzie was sleeping, I unloaded my mom's car. It went by quick, we did alot of work, but it was very fun. I look forward to many memories up there.

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