Wednesday, June 23, 2010

15 mo check-up

Well Kenzie turned 15 mo. the past Sunday. I can't believe that she is already 15 mo. old. We took her to the dr, I took her to the dr. today for her check-up. She got three shots, but did really well.

Her stats:

weight - 22.7 lbs 42% percentile
height - 31.25 in 72% percentile

While the nurse practitioner was examining her, Ms. Kenz did really well. She just sat there and was trying to put the tounge depresser in the nurse's mouth. She complimented saying, "you know for a 15 mo old, she is being very good." Ha, we had her fooled, if she only knew how mischevious, curious, full of energy and stubborn this peanut really is!! We love her so much for all these qualities.
What Kenzie is doing these days:
* She sleeps for at least 12 hours a night - no joke!
* She climbs on everything and recently climbed/fell out of her crib
* The first thing she does when she wakes up in the morning is lay down and say hi to Tug, our dog
* She LOVES to wrestle with her Dad
* She can say: Boo, Hi, Mom, Dad, Dog, and some form of Thanks!
* When she has to go #2, she hides, usually under our kitchen table
* She has to wave bye bye with her whole arm and hand
* She loves water beit the tub, the pool, the garden hose, Tug's water bowl, etc.
* She has to walk everywhere
* She has to shut the garage door herself when we come home
* And lots lots more, this girl is busy.
These pictures are from my cell phone, so they are a little grainy.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kenz - you're being a little zooy!

Growing up, when we were out of control hyper, my mom would say we were being zooy. This mostly applied to my brother (not naming which one for confidentiality reasons!!!) Makenzie has found an old friend with a new purpose. I like to think she is exploring her surroundings, but most would say she is being zooy or crazy - whichever you prefer!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oxnard, CA

BEWARE - REALLY REALLY long post with LOTS of fun pictures.

Our trip started like this: powdered doughnuts and a happy little peanut.

We spent a week in Oxnard, Ca and had a BLAST. Thank you grandpa and grandma Porter. All 17 I believe grandkids were there (one still baking in the oven), along with all six kids minus one missed spouse! We played on the beach, ate lots of great food, went to Underwood Farm where we picked our own strawberries, visited a Children's Museum and hung out. I look forward to this week everyother year when all the kids get together. This is my second trip with the Porter's, which means I am finally starting to get some history in this family! Enjoy the pictures (more pictures than words cuz I know that's what everyone wants to see anyways.

We burried Ms. Peyton Sue in the sand.

I love her little profile pictures! Yes, she did eat lots of sand.

Mr. Daxton does not get much cuter!

The grandkids had so much fun bunking up together.

The crew minus a few kiddos at Underwood Family Farms.

Gotta love wagon rides, thanks Uncle Morgan.

They had the coolest little catwalk for the goats to walk from pin to pin on.

Awww...( and yes, my hair WAS this frizzy the ENTIRE trip.)


Picking her own strawberries.


You mean you are not supposed to eat the green stuff too.

Too cute.



Corrine and Daisy with their load!

Makenzie had to run (she doesn't really like to walk!) the entire way back...

And run...

And run!

You try walking in the sand.

The Children's Museum.

Yeah baby!

They took a bunch of different sea creatures out and Kenzie with thrilled with all of them.

And our trip ended with this - all 16 grandkids happy as clams! Thanks again grandpa and grandma for the wonderful memories!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

and we are off...

We leave bright and early in the am for Oxnard, Californ-I-A! The Porter family takes a family vacation together every other year, thanks to grandma Porter! We will be there Friday to Friday, should be very fun.

I plan on doing a lot of bike riding with the peanut! Wish us luck on the 8 hour journey with a 14 mo. old.