Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Anniversay...

3 years ago yesterday - my life got better, alot better. Filled with camping trips, grilled cheese, off roading adventures, big burly man beards, goodnight kisses, and tons more....Life is good. Life is great. Life is even perfect when you have someone by your side walking the same path you are. Sometimes he is pushing me, sometimes he is carrying me, but we are always on that path - together. Living and sharing dreams. I sure love him - alot!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The past few weeks

The Holiday season is always so busy, but wonderful. Here are a few snapshots of what we have been up to this Thanksgiving, Christmas season. We hope yours was just a fun filled.

"What I did over the Holiday Season" By Makenzie Sue Porter

I got to babysit my mom's Diet Coke while she was doing the BBQ pit at the Wilkes house. This year they did over 35 pieces of meat. I wonder if she will notice if I have half of it?

We had our Thanksgiving over at Uncle Chris's house. They have this really big slide that I was too scared to go down. PS....There is no better way to get snot off your lip than to just lick it off.

My Aunt Aubry had us make really cute Turkeys out of cups and feathers. My mom helped me.

I got to be a "big" kid at the little kid table for dinner. I even used my own spoon instead of my hands. Big accomplishment!

My first taste of Pumpkin Pie. Yummmm...I ate my mom's piece too!

I helped my mom make sugar cookies. I loved playing with the flour and had it all over the floor. I really like the raw dough and wanted more and more and more. I even shared it with my baby. She didn't eat it though.

For the annual Porter Party, I got to play in the leaves with my cousins. It was so much fun.

My life motto: If you are too tired, just pull up your skirt and sit down. No one can resist my smile!

Uncle Trever, why is your hand on Aunt Annie's bum???

I got to fly really high in the sky with me daddy. It made my Grandpa's hands sweat. I was not scarred, I knew my dad would catch me. He is my hero.

I got to play house with my cousins. Em makes a really good mud and sand should try it.

I opened my first Christmas gifts with my mom. She is pretty :) We also went down to Tucson to have the Wilkes party with Grandpa and Grandma Wilkes. I got a barbie and a purse! I don't have any pictures though b/c my mom and dad didn't take any. We sure like going to Tucson though. I get to sleep in the closet!!

We spent Christmas day at the Prescott cabin with Grandpa and Grandma Wilkes and Uncle Adam and his family. I didn't even notice their was a power outage at 2 am and that my heater turned off!! I wish my mom would take more pictures. When we came home though, I got to ride my horse that Santa brought me - Woooooo Bessie!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New family picture...

A big thanks, as always, to my sister-in-law Erin. She took another wonderful picture of our family. I can't believe how big Makenzie is looking. She totally looks like a toddler, a mischevious toddler in fact - who likes to get into everything!!!


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Cards....

It's that time of year again!! If you would like a Christmas Card from the Porter's, leave or email me your updated address.

Many thanks :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

While I wait

While I wait, at 10:02pm, for my daughter to go to sleep - I will update my blog with an actual update, no crazy hair picture. Kenzie decided she was going to have a huge, massive, stinky poop at 9:45 pm and wake herself from her slumber. Now, I get to hear her practice all her body parts, animal noises, and hear the wonderful symphony of binkies on the crib matched with raspberries on her forearm (who doesn't love to be a mom)!

It has been A L-O-N-G T-I-M-E since I have made a post, besides the one two days ago! I have been busy, who hasn't. For those of you who don't remember, I hung up my Mesquite Wildcat shirts, and traded them in for Arizona Virtual Academy what have you's. Actually, my class name is the Porter Pose!! Cute huh? Anyways, I decided I wanted to be a stay at home mom. I wanted to feedMakenzie breakfast, get her dressed, watch Baby Einstein, feed her lunch, take a nap when she did, and finally be able to do a load of laundry, change it when it is first done, and then fold it while still warm! Reality hit, who was I kidding. After working for 5 straight years, coaching 3 sports, and traveling, I knew it was going to be harder than I thought to NOT work. I also knew that if Matt and I ever wanted to move into a house with an actual backyard, I would probably still need to work. I like to work, I am going to admit it. I like putting the education I worked hard for into action. However, I still wanted to be at home withMakenzie. As grateful as I was, and still am, for my wonderful mother and sisters-in-law for taking care of Makenzie while I was at MHS, having them "raise" her was not something I wanted. So, I got a new job. I teach. From home. In my home office. While Kenzie tears my house apart. Is it what I expected? NO - it is much more work. Plus, add on the WORK being a stay at home mom adds, and I have two full time jobs. I am tired. Do I get to change the laundry right after the washer load ends, then fold while still warm - No (who does that anyways). BUT - I get to feed Makenzie breakfast, watch Baby Einstein, feed her lunch and I am HAPPY to forego my nap when she naps so that Matt can have a little breather when our bank statement comes in the mail. So, that is what I have been doing. Work and Makenzie. Life is great. I am grateful that I am still, at 10:16 pm, hearing the binkies bang on the crib and that when I wake up in the morning, I will have at least 10 emails from parents awaiting me!

Here are the updated pictures of Makenzie - no pictures of Matt and I, sorry. She rocks our world.

Halloween - Our good friends, The Patches, had a greatparty.

Not happy when dad left :(

And a few others for good measure!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New ME...

8 inches shorter and a whole new me appears! I love it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Show Low Camping Style with the Lewis Clan

We decided that Conferenceweekend was the perfect weekend to head up North to see some of our favorite people, the Lewis's. We sure love them. We took the camper, worked beautifully, and headed to their usual camp. Couldn't have been a more perfect overnight than to listen to the rain thud on your camper as you are snuggled next to your sweet man with heaters on. Last time we went camping, Miss Kenz hada rough night sleeping. This time, I am glad to report, was so much better. Even the loud thud of rain (which sounded like popcorn right next to my ear) was no match for her pack n play and three binkies ( I will never admit that shedoes sleep with one binkie in her mouth and one in each hand!). We had yummy foil dinners, topped off with s'mores. Then, in the morning we had the most wonderful, I may dream about them tonight, biscuits and gravy. Trev and Annie rocked those things so well. We spent the morning hanging out, riding quads and50s andlistening to Conference. Great weekend.



Smokin Hot, literally and figuratively.

Bridger boy, you make me want to have another one!!

She seriously could not get enough of this quad and her dad.

Kenzie Sue 18 mo old

Ok, first things first...I have to post some updated pictures of Makenzie, since I know that is the only reason why anyone looks at our blog anyways! I can't believe she is already 18 mo old. Time flies by pretty darn fast. I just love this little girl to pieces. She makes me wish everyday that I had even an ounce of the energy she does. She is talking our ears off, in Chinese of course, and learning new words everyday.

Here is to you Kenzie Sue! We love you!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Introducing...Jaxon Riley Wilkes

My twin brother Garrett and his beautiful wife Kathryn welcomed their first child, a sweet sweet little boy, Jaxon, into the world this morningat 3:48 AM!!! He is so dang cute, snuggly, and has great feet!

Congrats Twinny and Kathryn, you guys made a good one!!

I love baby feet and Jaxon has GREAT feet.

Kenzie has developed quite the relationship with my mom, Grandma, this summer spending so much time with her. She loves when Grandma comes to visit.

And she gets to play with Grandma's fun toys.

And make sure she really is IN the bathroom when she says she is.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

3 out of 4 weekend getaway

Matt and I have had the greatest August ever! We have spent the last four weekends off galavanting in far away places. First, we went camping in our new camper. Posted pictures of that already. Next, we went to one of my great friends, Suzie's, wedding in San Diego. This one was sans Makenzie. She got to spend the weekend with her Aunt Amber and cousins in Tucson. By the looks of her blog, fun was always on the to do menu!This past weekend, however, we got to spend in BEAUTIFUL Bend, Oregon with some of my favoritepeople. My wonderful parents own a house in Bend, and let Matt, the peanut and I, along with some fam (to be named later) snuggle in for the weekend. The only thing that would havemade itmore perfectwere if my parents were there. Sadly, we missed them. On the contrary, we very much enjoyed touring the beautiful countryside. It was brisk, cold, and even rainy while we were there. A much needed break from the heat of AZ. Here are some snapshots of our weekend:

Makenzie helped Matt get ready to go down the river!! Yes, she is in just her diaper. She decided she really wanted to perform on the plane and saved her best poop for the landing! Matt had so much fun changing her in the men's room with a size too small diaper b/c ours were all checked and we had to ask strangers for one. Next thing I knew, a baby was running towards me in the airport with just a diaper - WHO IS THIS KID!! I am glad I had a sweatshirt at least.

Driving to hike 1/2 up to some waterfalls. Does the world look anymore beautiful anywhere else? I am not sure.

Em brought out her best pose for the picture. She is so dang cute.

Lauren hoofed her way up to the waterfalls 7 mo preggo! Nice job YaYa!!!

Never too tired for some fun.

Where's Waldo, I mean...Uncle Thos!!! He took some awesome pictures on the trip.

Annie and Bridger came too. This is how he spent the hike...nestled against mom's bossoms. A man's favorite place to be. :)

Don't forget Grandma!!! Glad she came too.

Oh Morgan...

The next day, Sunday, we drove up to Washington to the Columbia River. What a sight. It was a LONG drive, but so worth it. Even more so when I was driving and not getting car sick.

Propped and ready to snap!

We drove by Mt. Hood on the way home. It's August, almost September people and look at that snow! I am pretty sure the thermostat had the temp at a brisk 54.

We stopped at a vary quaint pick your own fruit stand for a picnic. It was so cute, and had a great view of Mt. Hood.

I seriously love that girl!!

Her facial expressions were so funny. She looked and acted like she was driving the tractor. Notice Mt. Hood in the background!!!

Alright...Em - you take the shifter, Kenz - you steer, and Grandma - you navigate!

Sunday night, our last night, Matt and Thos drove up to Mt. Bachelor, lucky guys! Another beautiful sight. It was a wonderful trip. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for letting us stay at your house. You were right dad in telling us to make sure we had round trip tickets home, b/c we sure didn't want to leave!!