Sunday, October 19, 2008

The yearly stake BBQ!!

One of my favorite times to go to Tucson is in October for the stake BBQ. It is absolutely wonderful. My dad does the meat, of course, and the stake gathers together at the church ballpark to party hard. Not only is the meat great, but the desserts are just as good. As soon as we eat, we always hit the dessert table on our way back to get all the good ones! The ballpark has changed into a very nice gathering spot, with lots of tables, green grass and a sandpit. There were about 1,500+ people there. My dad cooked roughly 1,000 lbs. of pork and beef, and three huge pots of beans. It was a feast.

After the BBQ, Matt, my mom and I went to the UofA football game. That was great fun too. We stayed for the first half, and watched the second half from home. Wish we would have stayed for the whole game! Bear down Cats, it was awesome to see them play well and pull out the big W!

It was so nice to go to Tucson to see my wonderful family. You never really realize how wonderful it is to have a great family until you are away from them. I love my family to death. I especially love my mom and dad, my sisters too. It is a double plus to have such great sister-in-laws also. I never realized how blessed I would have been to have great sisters-in-law and to be married to a wonderful man with sisters. Even though they are my sisters, it doesn't replace the homesickness I feel for my family and sisters.
Glad we went home for the weekend!!

Pictures from the BBQ.

Pictures from the game.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What to do when none of your clothes fit?

HAVE A BABY!!!! I know most of you already know, but Matt and I are pregnant!! Yay!!!! We are due March 27, and could not be more thrilled. I am almost 17 weeks now and am ready to go. Finally over most of the sick stage, I am feeling great, but less than thrilled that none of my clothes fit. I guess the happy newley wed weight didn't help either!!

Take a guess at to what the sex will be? To be announced October 27!

Where have we been...

I know, I know. It has been so long since I have updated our blog, people have probably stopped looking at it. Well, now it is time to get back and take a look to what we have been up to.
I am back in school, teaching resource math. They have blocked blogging from our computers at school, so I basically have had no time to update. Coaching volleyball, being pregnant and all the other things you do just take up too much time.

Matt trained for a mountain bike race with his brothers and brother - in - law up in Payson. They would go riding ever so often during the week. The race was a 12 hour race with 15 mile loops. Your team had to do as many loops as possible during that 12 hour period. There was a 24 hr race, but our boys decided to only do the 12 hr for their first time. It was great. We all went up, and had a great time. The boys got first in their division. We won't tell you that there were only 2 teams! YAY for Matt!!