Monday, November 28, 2011


This has been a whirlwind past week. I am truly exhausted. It all started two Fridays ago (the Friday before Thanksgiving) with an evening trip down to Tucson for a retirement party for my dad. Finally, hitting 74 made him realize it might be time to take a breath. We stayed the night sans Makenzie (thank you to my wonderful sisters in law for driving her up to Show Low and letting her stay in your bed with you) and saw Breaking Dawn. Yes, I was one of those people that saw it opening night, with my 6 week old...and my husband! There were a few times he couldn't help himself and busted out laughing. Saturday morning we hit the road early and headed to Show Low for my nephew Tate's baptism. It took us FOREVER to get there. That night we got a phone call stating that Matt's grandpa took a turn for the worse (battling 6 weeks of lung cancer) and was now in a coma. We all packed up and headed back to Mesa. Sunday was spent in and out of grandpa's house and full of family. Grandpa passed away Sunday. I don't even remember Monday, but Tuesday I headed back to Tucson with the girls. I was OUT OF MY MIND thinking I could make the journey with a 2.5 and 6 week old, but I survived. Ashlynn cried for about 75% of the time. I helped my dad do our annual turkeys in the pit Wed and headed back up to Mesa wed evening after baths. Thursday, Thanksgiving. Friday, more family and Grandpa's viewing. Saturday funeral, burial and luncheon. Sunday, church, then off to my brother's house to meet their new little guy Owen. Now, it is Monday and I can finally, I hope, catch my breath. I love the holidays, but always forget how tired they make me. It was a great Thanksgiving, full of family and being reminded of how wonderful the gospel and Plan of Salvation is. I hope yours was just a great. Here are a few little snapshots of the whirlwind.

Who doesn't love postpartum family pictures.

Baby Ashlynn at 6 weeks old, and getting cuter everyday.

Makenzie and her cousin Emery seriously have a sister relationship. One minute they are playing great and then next not so much. Luckily I caught the great minute.

I WISH I could claim her as mine! My niece Paige, what a freakin DOLL!!! Look at those eyes and eyelashes - killer.

Kenz insisted on a picture, even right after slamming her finger in the door. Why do I take these pictures, they are not the most flattering angle.

Just the kids at the Porter Thanksgiving shindig. It was fun and crazy! Welcome Holidays.