Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Weekend Away!

Just in case you all are counting along with me... 44 days!
Matt and I went to Show Low this weekend with the fam for Tater's birthday. It was so much fun. We left on Friday afternoon and came back on Sunday morning. As always, Show Low was full of sleep, food, riding bikes, food, sleep, diet coke, food, sleep and....FOOD!

On the road again! I think this is our favorite pose, we have just about a million pictures like this. Matt is so cute. We had fun on our drive up there. Lots of fun music, singing outloud and no pit stops to go to the bathroom - that must be a record!

Matt makes throwing me around look so easy, I promise it wasn't as easy as it looks! I must admit that my legs look good though!

After a few hours of playing Rumikub (did I spell that right?) and trying so hard to beat out 3 girls, Matt decided he would rather play with someone a little more like him! Matt and Brooks sleeping in the rocking chair was too precious a picture to pass up. Don't they both look so peaceful?

Needless to say, this was the perfect weekend to get away and not think of wedding invitations, decorations, or anything! Being able to go to Trever and Annie's is a blessing. They always take such good care of us, their children are so cute and fun to be around, and the food and diet coke is always excellent! Thanks for a great weekend!


Annie and the Boys... said...

Ah Shucks! man, your legs do look hot...anyway, can't wait to see the spiffed up casa, see you both in 2 days.

Jason & Amy said...

looks like an incredible weekend

Brett & Emily said...

that sounds fun can't wait to go on vacation