Friday, November 16, 2007


7 things about me that no one knows...I pretty much dish out everything to anyone who wants to listen! But, here it goes.

1. When I was in elementary school (6th grade) and junior high, I used to make brownie mix, put it in a tupperware container, stick it under my bed, and eat it whenever I had the craving. It never occurred to me that raw eggs might not be the most safe thing for me to consume.

2. As a young, really cute girl, I was enrolled in gymnastics. During a gymnastics meet I got a bloody nose, but loved gymnastics so much that I did not want to stop. I continued my meet holding my nose with my thumb and pointer finger! It is really funny to see the video my parents took of a little girl doing summersaults with a bloody nose.

3. Coming home from a visit to Tucson while attending BYU I sat next to Richard G. Scott on an airplane. Adam and Erin were on the flight with me. Adam told me he would pay me fifty dollars to switch him seats, so of course I did. I figured they would have more to talk about. So Adam and I switched seats and the first thing he said to Adam was, "why aren't you sitting next to your wife?" Haha! He still owes me fifty dollars.

4. One of my trips to Spain was especially memorable. I was volunteered to help a Spaniard do a magic trick on Las Ramblas street. He told me that he needed a good luck kiss, I said no. He then asked me to hold a toilet seat lid that he was going to squeeze through. After I took the seat lid, he laid one on me! Sneaky little greasy man!

5. I am absolutely terrified of spiders, I dislike them with every fiber in my body. I especially hate the spiders that seem to procreate on Mt. Lemon. When we would go to Mt. Lemon, and still do, I have to check under my bed, all around my bed, in the sheets, under the quilt hanging on the way to make sure all the critters are gone. My brothers used to scare me relentlessly.

6. I am OCD when it comes to locking things. I lock my car at least three times before I am sure it is locked, and then sometimes when I am sitting on the couch or at dinner I will wonder if I really did lock the door. I check all the doors, windows, closets and showers at least twice before I can go to sleep. Then usually while I am lying there I will have to get up and check the doors again. Sorry Matt, you are just going to have to love me anyways!

7. I am totally in love with a hot man from Mesa who I think the world of. He takes care of me, opens the car door, brings me diet pepsis, gives the greatest hugs, and loves all the weird things about having to lock the door and asking him about three times after he gets home if he is sure he locked all the windows. I am so lucky to have found someone like him and can't wait to spend forever and a day with him! But, shhhhh....don't tell him that!

Well, I am supposed to tag 7 people, I don't even know if I am cool enough and have 7 people left on my list who have not been tagged, so if you already have been are super special!

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Kristin said...

diet pepsi? what happened to dr. pepper, you were addicted!!!

Heather said...

Courtney! Congrats on getting married!!! I'm so happy for you guys! What have you been up to since BYU special ed?

Jason & Amy said...

are you getting married on your birthday? Isn't you B-day sometime around the BIG day? Got your announcement, so beautiful. SO SO EXCITED for you