Friday, November 16, 2007

Nothing Compares!!!

Nothing compares to going on an all day outing with your mom and twin brother! The madness, of course in a good way, all started early Monday morning at The Good Egg. Shopping is hard work and ones needs to start off with a nutritious breakfast. French toast, perfect!! We headed off to the Chandler Mall where bliss was about to begin. I am so lucky to have a wonderful mother who was willing to drive up the dreaded I-10 to spend the day with Garrett and I. Nordstrom's was no match for us. We had so much fun trying on clothes, shoes and looking around. After a few other stores, we realized we needed to rehydrate and fill our stomaches with fuel. Where else do you go when you are having a perfect day, none other than the Cafe Rio. Then, after a fantastic meal of pork salads, and meeting my sweet favorite soon-to-be, in 42 days, husband Matt, we went to Target. I love Target, for those of you who don't know. While walking around Target I must have said that phrase at least 20 times, I really do love Target. I have decided that if I had to spend the rest of my life in one store, it would be Target - hands down! I thoroughly enjoyed spending the time with my sweet mother and brother. I love hanging out with my family! Needless to say, Veteran's Day was full of fantastic shopping!


Adam and Erin Wilkes said...

My 2 heavenly places: target and nordstrom!!! Can't agree with you more!

Jason & Amy said...

I LOVE target, but HATE nordstom. I just KNOW they are ripping me off!