Sunday, October 3, 2010

Show Low Camping Style with the Lewis Clan

We decided that Conferenceweekend was the perfect weekend to head up North to see some of our favorite people, the Lewis's. We sure love them. We took the camper, worked beautifully, and headed to their usual camp. Couldn't have been a more perfect overnight than to listen to the rain thud on your camper as you are snuggled next to your sweet man with heaters on. Last time we went camping, Miss Kenz hada rough night sleeping. This time, I am glad to report, was so much better. Even the loud thud of rain (which sounded like popcorn right next to my ear) was no match for her pack n play and three binkies ( I will never admit that shedoes sleep with one binkie in her mouth and one in each hand!). We had yummy foil dinners, topped off with s'mores. Then, in the morning we had the most wonderful, I may dream about them tonight, biscuits and gravy. Trev and Annie rocked those things so well. We spent the morning hanging out, riding quads and50s andlistening to Conference. Great weekend.



Smokin Hot, literally and figuratively.

Bridger boy, you make me want to have another one!!

She seriously could not get enough of this quad and her dad.


Kelli said...

Aiden does the same thing with binkies! We end up just putting like 6 in the crib with him. I know he's getting a little old for them, but he sleeps so much better with them.
By the way...I miss you! We need to get together soon with our families.

Annie and the Boys... said...

it was a rockin weekend! and we get to hang out this weekens too! we're making up for lost time:) Love you!!!!