Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The past few weeks

The Holiday season is always so busy, but wonderful. Here are a few snapshots of what we have been up to this Thanksgiving, Christmas season. We hope yours was just a fun filled.

"What I did over the Holiday Season" By Makenzie Sue Porter

I got to babysit my mom's Diet Coke while she was doing the BBQ pit at the Wilkes house. This year they did over 35 pieces of meat. I wonder if she will notice if I have half of it?

We had our Thanksgiving over at Uncle Chris's house. They have this really big slide that I was too scared to go down. PS....There is no better way to get snot off your lip than to just lick it off.

My Aunt Aubry had us make really cute Turkeys out of cups and feathers. My mom helped me.

I got to be a "big" kid at the little kid table for dinner. I even used my own spoon instead of my hands. Big accomplishment!

My first taste of Pumpkin Pie. Yummmm...I ate my mom's piece too!

I helped my mom make sugar cookies. I loved playing with the flour and had it all over the floor. I really like the raw dough and wanted more and more and more. I even shared it with my baby. She didn't eat it though.

For the annual Porter Party, I got to play in the leaves with my cousins. It was so much fun.

My life motto: If you are too tired, just pull up your skirt and sit down. No one can resist my smile!

Uncle Trever, why is your hand on Aunt Annie's bum???

I got to fly really high in the sky with me daddy. It made my Grandpa's hands sweat. I was not scarred, I knew my dad would catch me. He is my hero.

I got to play house with my cousins. Em makes a really good mud and sand soup...you should try it.

I opened my first Christmas gifts with my mom. She is pretty :) We also went down to Tucson to have the Wilkes party with Grandpa and Grandma Wilkes. I got a barbie and a purse! I don't have any pictures though b/c my mom and dad didn't take any. We sure like going to Tucson though. I get to sleep in the closet!!

We spent Christmas day at the Prescott cabin with Grandpa and Grandma Wilkes and Uncle Adam and his family. I didn't even notice their was a power outage at 2 am and that my heater turned off!! I wish my mom would take more pictures. When we came home though, I got to ride my horse that Santa brought me - Woooooo Bessie!!!

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Morgan Lauren & Emery said...

gosh kenz you're one lucky girl to have had so much fun!! and i hear its not over yet! you have to tell us all how the new years party in show low goes! love you sweet girl :) (and your mommy too) :)