Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Matts Birthday

Monday was Matt's 27 birthday!! Happy birthday my love!! I don't remember the day you were born, the day you got your drivers license, the day you left on your mission, or the day you returned - but, I do remember the day I feel in love with you, the day we took made our marriage covenants and the day we found out we were going to bring a sweet baby girl into this world.

I can't imgaine all the wonderful memories we are going to make together over the next many decades, but I look forward to them.

His special day started off with some nesteggs for breakfast, followed by the opening of presents. I got him a new pair of vonzipper sunglasses, an offroad dvd, some shorts and some whipped honey. I am pretty sure I took care of all the necessities a man needs in his life. I made chicken rolls for dinner and then we had people over for cake and ice cream. It was a great night to celebrate the birthday of one of the greatest men I have ever known.

I love you babe.

It was also Eda's birthday last Saturday, so on Sunday we had cake and ice cream at the in-laws.

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