Thursday, July 8, 2010

Filled with more love, gratitude than I ever have

It seems like in the past year or two I have had close friends and have had heard even more stories of unkown friends who have had to endure the trial of letting their little angel child go back to our Heavenly Father. My sister-in-law's sisters sister-in-law (you got that!) posted this story on her blog about a little Makenzie. I have a little Makenzie. I will hold her a little tighter today, play with her a little more, kiss her more, LOVE her more, and complain about the messes and fussiness LESS. I truely believe with all my heart these choice spirits are needed elsewhere for the last days. THEY are preparing the way for us, THEY are the stronger, more righteous who are needed up above. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the mommies and daddies who have the courage to say, "Ok Heavenly Father, you can have them back, but take good care of them. We will miss them terribly, but we know their mission in Heaven is an important one." Today I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation, that I know all our families will be whole and together forever.

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