Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bear Canyon Lake

We went on a whim camping this weekend with the Lewis Family, The Pew Family and a few cousin families of the Pew's. Although, in route to our camping spot, we turned one right too soon and got lost from the Pews, so we ended up camping with Annie and Co. I promise we tried and tried to look for you YaYa, Matt busted out the GPS about 10 miles too late into the woods.
However, we got to wake up to this in the morning. Beautiful isn't it? I love camping, it brings back a lot of wonderful childhood memories.
This is where we laid camp. The pack n' play fit PERFECT in the back of the Cruiser - I wish I had a picture of it. I slept on the backseat (I am short) and Matt slept in a hamock just next to the car.
Annie (Matt's sister) made the most delish biscuts and gravy the next morning. Nice job sister!!
We somehow made it to the moutains with only one of Makenzie's shoes. I thought it fell out in the KFC parking lot in Payson. Luckily, we had these flipflops in the car. Needless to say she was one dirty peanut for the day! Funny thing is ... we stopped in the parking lot on the way home for the off chance it was still there - no luck. But, when we pulled into our garage, there it was!!!

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Annie and the Boys... said...

I am laughing my head off! what a mess we are!!The weekend rocked though and I can't wait to do it again. Love you sister!