Monday, May 5, 2008

Show Low

This past weekend, Matt and I, Matt's parents and grandma took a get-a-way to The Lewis Lounge. It was fantastic. We did what we usually do there, eat, take a long nap, play some fun games and hang out - great weekend!
It was Annie's birthday so we went out to eat on Friday night and saw their whole ward there, pratically anyways! We went and did a session at the Snowflake temple EARLY saturday morning. We are talking 7:00 session here people. Anyone who gets up at 5:30 am on a Saturday deserves some serious blessings! It was amazing and fun to be there. I have never been inside that temple and it is breathtaking, really!

We then went to Lowes and got some flowers to plant for Annie's bday tradition. I must admit that I did a great job with my whiskey barrel. After a two hour nap, I was ready to eat! I think the only times I moved from the couch Sat. afternoon was to get a thirstbuster from circle K or to eat!

Thanks Trever, Annie and cute boys for a wonderful weekend!
I have more pictures to post, but yet once again the work computer is being a little on the snooty side and won't let me. be continued...


Gardagami said...

See Please Here

Annie and the Boys... said...

I don't have any pics form our weekend...Will you email me some? i'll hit up my mom too. Love you!