Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Big Lake Camping - Porter Style

Over the weekend we wanted to get the H#@* out of Phoenix and the heat - what better way than to camp! Last summer we bought a pop up camper, best purchase to date. So, we met up with our friends Dan, Kisha and their very cute two little boys - Lincoln and Owen and off we went. It usually takes about 4 hours to get up to Big Lake, which is just past ShowLow. Well, it took us 7 hours!!! Why did it take us almost twice as long as it should have? Keep reading....

We had to get gas and treats - extra 30 min.

We had to stop and eat at DQ in Heber - extra 45 min.

We blew a tire (of course) - extra 30 min

The whole purpose of going to Big Lake was to hit up Annie's favorite camping spot - off in the woods up a mountain. Well, as we started up the mountain we didn't make it far. Due to the huge fire this year - the road was blocked. This was NOT going to stop Matt or his GPS from finding another route. So, off we went in the other direction....road block number #2!!! Man...these people did not want us up there. Did we stop and turn around - NOPE! We tried yet a third way around the mountain to get us there. This route almost put me into early labor, no joke. About 40 minutes of shaking baby in belly syndrome and we hit this....

SERIOUSLY!!!! Trees blocking the road. Well I thought, we will just turn around and head back to a different spot. WRONG AGAIN!!! Matt moved the trees out of the road and off we went.

By this time, I was having massive contractions and I was N-O-T enjoying our "adventure" as Matt so positively put it.

Bump after bump we ended up back on the same road we started on. We never passed go, never collected $200, never hit ANNIE's SPOT. A nice drive around a burned, flooded, rock fallen, mud slide mountain and we were back at square one!! Awesome. Turns out, we got to camp somewhere in this!! Beautiful and worth the extra 3 hours it took to get us there.

The first night was spend playing what we thought was mud...Nope - it was charcoal from the dead trees. They were so dirty.

Day one was spent on the 50 and picking flowers. Makenzie LOVES riding te 50 wtih Matt and would probably do so all day if she could. This is her trying to give a thumbs up! Funny little girl.

Kenzie practicing her photography skills :)

Picking lots and lots of flowers and smelling them!

Night number 2 was rainy. Matt "maned" the fire in the rain while I sat in the nice warm camper.

Day number 2 was spent calling and looking for elk with a handmade device!!

So this is Makenzie's pretty smile when you ask her to say cheese. Good thing we have a few years before school pictures start.

The boys went fishing while we....

Threw lots and lots of rocks in the lake.

Lincoln - he was so fun to be around!

Favorite picture of the weekend. She is getting so big and just looks so dang cute.

Never forget to look at little fish in the lake.

Love this one.

LOVE LOVE this one. Favorite picture tied with the one before of the week!!

Ok, I know that I was totally camera happy. However, there were sooo many good pictures to choose from and I have not taken very many updated ones of Kenz. Needless to say it was an awesome, fun trip and we had one very tired, dirty little girl!!! I love camping with Matt and our little family.

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Lauren said...

Glad you were camera happy! Such a fun post. Looks like you all had a great time.