Sunday, January 16, 2011

Monster Supercross

I love and look forward to date nights with Matt. In November, I got Matt tickets to SuperCross, which was last night! It was so fun and crazy. We had great seats, 25 rows up right in front of a huge jump. When we sat down and turned around to scoop out the audience sitting with us, we noticed that Matt's cousins, Nate and Kate - from Kingman, were sitting 2 rows up behind us. Out of the entire stadium and they were right there! Funny. Anyways, these two pictures were taken from my cell phone - forgot the camera. Not too good quality as I have an old school, get the job done, phone. Great night. Not to mention we went to Oreganos to begin with. I love that place.

Anybody else notice how awesome that girl's blonde hair is in the first picture?!!

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