Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh, the places WE go

Lauren, Emery, Makenzie and I decided it would be fun to head to the Phoenix Zoo today. We thought, " you know, we need to do some more stuff for our girls, things they would enjoy." Of course, we know they LOVE target, Costco, Home Goods, the usuall, but why not try something new - the ZOO. Who wouldn't love the smells, the people, the animals, the cost of an adult ticket?! Well, little did we know the ENTIRE city of Phoenix had the same idea we did - Hey, it's Spring Break, the weather's kind of nice - Zoo!

We got up, not early by any means - thanks Kenz, and packed our bags. When we got to the Zoo, the party started in the parking lot. Holy Cow, well maybe no holy cows, but alot of people. There was no parking anywhere. I wish I would have taken a picture. We parked in like the 5th over flow lot. We paid our dues at the counter, good thing peanuts are free, oh, and little Kenzie Sues too!
Take a journey with us through our morning at the Zoo, I'll narrate for you from the girls:
Kenz: "I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready...I j--u-s-t c-a-n-t-w-a-i-t!"
Em: "Dude, relax, we get in when we get in! Thanks mom for the sunscreen."

Kenz: "What, you mean the animal with a giant neck is real? No way."

Em: "Mom, that Giraffe is so cool, wonder if I can get inside..hmm...nah, I am too comfortable here."

Em: "Mom, are you kidding me. You mean, you want me, ME, to pet that thing. Look at it, just look at it."

Em: "Hey, it's actually kind of cute, but don't let go mom."

Kenz: "MOM, MOM, stop, stop...It is going to eat me, are you crazy!"

Kenz: "Well, as long as I have the best death grip ever on your shirt, I guess I will enjoy the goats from afar."

Kenz: "Hey mom, mom, look at this one, over here, it is going poop. I hear they are called smart pills, oh wait - maybe thats rabbits."

Em: "I am so cute, I am so, C-U-T-E. Hey, my mom is so cute too!"
Kenz: "Ahem, Mr. Cow, could you please point me in the right direction to get a diet coke?"
Em: "Yeah, with lots of ice and a small straw, that would be awesome."
Em: "Dude, my mom needs to put some sunscreen on you too, you are so red! Bet you can't get me from here!"
Em: "Can we take five right next to this huge horse, I am beat."
Kenz: "Hmm, I wonder if Em will trade me sippy cups?"
Em and Kenz: "Look moms, look, ducks. Look moms, I can point to them too."
Kenz: "Yeah, I missed my morning nap for this, catch ya'll later, I am OUT."
Em: "My cousin is a light weight, at least I can wait till I get IN the car before I turn out the lights."
We had a great time!!


Catherine said...

Makenzie is such a cutie! I can't believe how big she is getting! Looks like it was definitely a fun outing.

Lauren said...

Too funny--Love the comment from Em about sunscreen on the bird!!! LOL

Annie and the Boys... said...

Brooks and I enjoyed every little word!we laughed and laughed!