Friday, January 1, 2010


Merry Christmas to me! My wonderful husband got me a new camera - just in time for our cruise. The way he gave it to me is priceless. We only do stocking stuffers for Christmas each year. Well, he came home with my stuffers already wrapped and went to put them in my stocking when he noticed the pump to the lotion he always gets me was broken. Oh well, we have other pumps. We spent Christmas up in ShowLow this year, tons of fun Trever and Annie. Christmas morning, he gave me my stocking to open. He told me to check and see if the pump was really broken, it was, or so I thought. When I proceeded to unwrap the lotion, it came in a black case. Hmmm, I wondered. As I was examining the little black case, I noticed on the bottom it said Nikon - Wahoo!!! Great job being sneaky babe.

That is a picture of our cute little Makenzie playing with the tree on Christmas morning!

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