Monday, October 13, 2008

Where have we been...

I know, I know. It has been so long since I have updated our blog, people have probably stopped looking at it. Well, now it is time to get back and take a look to what we have been up to.
I am back in school, teaching resource math. They have blocked blogging from our computers at school, so I basically have had no time to update. Coaching volleyball, being pregnant and all the other things you do just take up too much time.

Matt trained for a mountain bike race with his brothers and brother - in - law up in Payson. They would go riding ever so often during the week. The race was a 12 hour race with 15 mile loops. Your team had to do as many loops as possible during that 12 hour period. There was a 24 hr race, but our boys decided to only do the 12 hr for their first time. It was great. We all went up, and had a great time. The boys got first in their division. We won't tell you that there were only 2 teams! YAY for Matt!!

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