Monday, March 24, 2008

Catchin Up!

Where does the time go? I always post a comment on my sisters' blogs saying they need to updated, then I look down at my last post - March 12th! I guess I need to take my own advice. Things have been going really well and not too much new to report on. A few weekends ago we went up to Show Low for Porter's bday and decided to take a detour on the way home. Instead of going to usual route - through Heber, Payson - we went through Young and Globe. It took 5 hours instead of the normal 3. It was long but beautiful and totally worth every minute of it. Matt and I headed up the front while Morgan and Lauren brought up the rear in their truck. There was some snow, but for the most part it was just beautiful. We stopped and took some pictures a long the way. The best was ending up on the backside of Roosevelt Lake looking a the dam. It was breathtaking. Unfortunately, our camera ran out of batteries, so there are no pictures of that. While on our voyage, I had to use the restroom - what else is new right? We stopped in Young to go to the bathroom and could not find an open store to go in. One gas station didn't have one, another one wouldn't let customers use it. Finally, out of nowhere, a beautiful structure appeared - a LDS church!! Hooray! Remember that Young doesn't have a stoplight, a Walmart (I don't consider you a city if you don't have a Walmart, even Safford has one)! But, it did have a church building. We pulled over and used the bathroom, what a relief! I did get a picture of that. Here are the pictures of our wonderful adventure.


Annie and the Boys... said...

I think we should all move and be grandmas and grandpas in Young!! We'll just have a Old Porter People'll be great!!!

Kunz Family said...

We have book club tonight at Kisha Campbell's. Just wanted you to know. If you need my number call annie