Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fire Dance

I love having three day weekends, and moreover, I love having a three day weekend with my husband! We did so many fun things. Friday, we went to the desert with Brett and Emily, Lauren and Morgan, Jake and Thos. What a great time. We took our trucks and built a huge fire. It took awhile to get the fire going, but once we did-it was huge! Matt decided he wanted to dance on the fire, we all think you are cool Matt. On Saturday, we slept in, made waffles and watched one of the best movies ever: Cutaway! No really, everyone should waste two hours of their day watching this. If you like Dennis Rodman, this is your movie. Monday, we celebrated the great MLK by running fun errands then going to Four Peaks with Morgan and Lauren. Matt thought he was going to make an igloo, but one problem...there was no snow! It was fun bouncing around in the trucks and feeling a little queasy by the end. Great weekend.
Pictures of the fire. I forgot to rotate them, so rotate yourself instead, that should be interesting.

Just two newlyweds! Lauren and Morgan, you guys are still newlyweds!

The girls: Lauren, Me, Emily

Matt dancing on the fire! Again, you have to rotate it yourself!


Adam and Erin Wilkes said...

Looks like a fun weekend! You guys are so cute. It was so cold here we didn't leave the house. But we did get snow this morning so we got to build a snowman...

Franklin Family said...

Sounds like so much fun! I didn't think you were serious when you said you were going to build a fire in the desert. =) Is it weird to hear you say your "husband." Something that's fun to say, nonetheless! You two are great.

Brett & Emily said...

That was so much fun! we have to do it agian soon!

Annie and the Boys... said...

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